50+ Best AppLinked Codes (Updated & Working List for 2022)

How to find the best Applinked codes, apps and files, for free movies, TV shows, live tv channels, or file managers.

The best Applinked store codes make it easy to download apk files from different categories like entertainment, tools, and more. Even better, many of the apps are from 3rd parties that aren’t available on the official Play store! Moreover, Applinked provides an option to update the apps right from their app.

And this third-party app store makes it easier to install Android apps on Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Smart TV, and any mobile/tablet.

With one of the best android devices, you can check out thousands of applications, for both freemium and premium. This is not a limited store, you can explore bigger brands like YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, and Disney+ Hotstar (All these are modded versions to bypass subscription).

Best Applinked Codes of 2021-22 image
Get the Best Applinked Codes of ALL TIME!

Top Applinked Codes for November 2021

The following page provides a list of the best Applinked codes for streaming devices. I prepared a list with table format for better understanding.

Since there are many Applinked codes available on this store, we only added the working and secured codes.

Additionally, I sorted the list based on;

  1. Number of Apps
  2. Regular Updates
  3. Trust – 100% Secured stores
  4. Genre
  5. Popularity
Applinked CodesList Of AppsLast Updated Date
363605206✓ Top 9+ Apps

Swift Streamz
Live Net TV
MX Player Pro
Cinema HD v2
Bee TV
HD Streamz
Media Lounge
Strix TV
October 25, 2021
849320303✓ 50+

IPTV Smarters Pro
DNS Changer Lily
MX Player Pro
Cinema HD Ad-free
Cyberflix Mod
Cyrose HD
Newest Movie HD
Nova TV
Syncler Installer
Tea TV (Original + Ad-free)
Viva TV (Official + Mod)
Aos TV
UK Turks (Regular + Ad-free)
... More
October 1, 2021
727272✓ Over 300+ Apps

Cinema HD
Filmplus (Ad-free)
Morpheus TV
Nova tV
Tea TV
Tea TV (Ad-free)
Syncler APK
BeeTV (Ad-free)
Ocean Streamz
Disney Plus
ES File Explorer
Mouse Toggle
Screen Recorder
Speed Test
Media Player
Mx Player
Ludio Player
Purple IPTV
Perfect Player
Air TV (Ad-free)
HD Streamz
FreeFlix TV
Live Net TV
Pluto TV
... and More
September 25, 2021
1234✓ 300+

Sideload Launcher
Megabox HD
US Turks
Tivimate IPTV Player
Strix TV
OTT Navigator IPTV
Movie HD
Vivaldi Browser
Mouse Toggle
Droid Hardware
Ola TV
MX Player
Netflix (Android TV)
AdGuard Premium Modded
Moviebox Pro
Brave Private Browser
Cartoon HD
Tea TV
Kodi v19.2 Matrix
Redbox TV
Peacock TV
Popcorn Time
Freeflix HQ
Pluto TV (Add-Free, Original or Modded)
Deezer Premium
Viva TV
Pikashow (Original / Ad-free)
Pocket TV
Roku channel
Spotify Premium (Original / Modded / Ad-free)
Aptoide TV
Sofa TV
Onebox HD
Swift Streamz
Hulu for Android TV
... More.
October 5, 2021
719778818✓ Best 40+

Cinema HD Ad Free
Cinema APK Original
Bee TV
Viva Original
Fast Task killer
Strix TV
Virustool for Android TV
Puffin Browser
Express VPN
Proton VPN
Send Anywhere
ABS view (AS)
Launch Manager
October 9, 2021
000111✓ 20+

IPTV Smarters Pro
Kodi 19
Kodi 19.1 Matrix
Oreo TV
August 11, 2021
2021KODI (List of All Versions )August 21, 2021
7777✓ Top 11 streaming apps

July 13, 2021
169336397✓ 100+

Airy TV
Shiz TV
Swoop TV
Sublime IPTV
Ology IPTV
Panda TV
Hive TV
Chapo TV
... More
July 30, 2021

5 Best Applinked Codes for Movies & TV Shows

If you’re looking for the best stores to get access to unlimited entertainment of popular series, HD films, and shows. Then, stay to this section. These stores have a good collection of movie apps for you.

All these stores are public and not secured with a PIN. I added the PIN to the private store as well.

1. 719778818

applinked code 719778818 screenshot

This store is my first priority among all stores due to the latest version of apps available and 100% trusted store.

It hosts top apps like Cinema HD, UnlockMyTV, Cyberflix TV, BeeTV, Filmplus, and more.

Categories included: Entertainment, utilities, media players, tools, VPN, and channels.

Apps Count: 72

Is it protected with a PIN: No.

2. 4554

applinked codes 4554 screenshot

I would recommend 4554 if you wanna go beyond the list of apps for this category. It has merely 300 apps and counting. The best thing about it comes with a full package where you can all essential apps like streaming apps, security apps, media players, downloaders, and file managers.

However, it offers both official versions and mod versions for Ad-free.

Categories included: All.

Type: Public

3. 6464

applinked code 6464 screensht

At first blush, this is a dedicated store for all the movie lovers out there. Because it only allows users to download APKs files from the Movies/Shows category. You won’t get any other than this kind.

Check out some of the popular apps in this store including TeaTV, Titanium TV, Movie HD, Max Movies, Freeflix HQ, Cinema app, CucoTV, and more.

Categories included: Entertainment,

Type: Public

4. 5555

Applinked codes 5555 screenshot

“5555” is a high-quality, easy-to-download, freemium applinked store for your smart TV to install Apk apps directly to the TV. All the apps from this store come in two versions, official and mod. So, you will get an original app and along with a modded version.

A few well-known modded apps in this store – Bee tV mod, Cinema HD mod, Coconut Mod, Filmplus Mod. Nova TV mod, etc.

Categories included: Entertainment,

Type: Public

5. 11766

Applinked codes 11766 screenshot

This Applinked store brings Android TV’s massive library of applications to Nvidia Shield, Android TV, and Fire TV. Already, it has recorded the highest downloading in any Applinked stores since its launch.

The main reason for this kind of downloads is… well, its unique features and chunk of apps.

Through the “11766” store, you add hundreds of Apks both free and paid. While the selection is different from competing stores.

List Of Best Codes for Applinked by Category wise

The stores with codes featured in this table are absolutely existing as of today. If any store doesn’t exist which means it may be deleted, shut down, or closed.

Transform your device into the OTT platform and enjoy streaming channels without cable, privacy by VPN, jailbreaking with Kodi, and games with mod versions.

How to Create Applinked Codes?

Don’t you like to use other stores? Want to create your own Applinked store to share your favorite apps from device to device (Ex: Mobile to Firestick)? Then this section might help you!

I have added the guide with screenshots, kindly follow the instructions below.

Create Store:

  • Visit the official website applinked.store and click on “Create A Store” button from the top menu.
  • You will get a registration page where you need to fill your details; Desired store code, username, email, and password. And click on signup.

✅ Imp CheckPoint: You must choose a unique store code that means you’re not allowed to create with existing store codes.

Upload Applications:

  • Once the registration was done, please logged in with your credentials.
  • Click on “Add Application” button.
  • Enter your app info in the respective field.
    • Application Title
    • Application Description
    • APK External Link
    • Image External Link
    • Choose A category for you app
    • Private/Public
  • After filling all the above details, click on Submit.

Like that you can upload/delete as many apps you want. Have a look at the below screenshot to know how the store looks like after uploading your apps.


create applinked store infographic


Where to download Applinked for my device?

Check the download link below. You will get the latest version of the applinked with a detailed guide for installing.

How to change the Applinked code?

Are you having any doubts whether changing the store code is possible or not? Simply put, you can change the code for the store anytime. See how to that;

  • Open the applinked app or website.
  • Sign in.
  • Click on the Change code option at the top of the page.
  • Enter New Store Code in the 2nd field and submit.

Where can I find Applinked codes?

Mostly, store codes of Applinked can be found on the web particularly from social groups like Reddit threads, Facebook groups, Forums, Youtube, etc.

You’re blessed to be on this page because our team always contributes the best Applinked codes by gathering from different sources. We frequently update the list with new codes so stay connected to this page.

Can I download apps without adding a store code?

Fortunately, Yes. Users can able to explore apps by visiting particular categories to download apps.

How to delete the Applinked store/code?


Applinked allows you to transfer all of your applications between phone and TV, but having abounding codes on Applinked can become tough to choose from. Thankfully, our page is filled with the most useful codes, and you can access all of those stores without a PIN.

We hope this module has helped you find the best Applinked codes for October 2021. So you can start installing any application from any source without restrictions. No file manager or web browser is required.

Don’t confuse with Filelinked codes because it permanently closed their service. Applinked is a fresh app store and comes as a replacement for filelinked. It has now become the top application source for many devices.

In conclusion, Applinked codes are currently working with faster download methods, where Filelinked codes are shut down.