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If you would love to download TikTok videos with additional features, then download the SnapTik app from this page. With this, you will be able to download TikTok, Instagram and Twitter content for free.

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Last Updated OnDec 14, 2021
App NameSnapTik
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Download SnapTik APK v4.13

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About SnapTik

It’s one of the prominent and successful applications for downloading videos and content from TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Users can watch the updated content that comes from various categories of entertainment. Let’s get to know, why SnapTik is So popular and what made it becomes everyone’s favourite application?

Download the videos that you like most

It is evident that SnapTik is the type of social connecting media that allows users to download unlimited videos to their devices.

I can say this app is the perfect downloader for TikTok videos. When you come across videos that you feel should be on your mobile, then you go and download them. But there is a small problem, the built-in download feature is restricted to some of the permissions.

If you’re downloading videos by built-in feature, you’ll get a TikTok watermark on the video. And the downloading speed is also less comparatively. This is not always recommended. Isn’t it?

So to move out of that situation, I suggest you this beautiful app. It optimizes the TikTok videos and allows you to download them effectively.

Discover SnapTik

As we know SnapTik is famous for downloading TikTok videos without a watermark, but not only on TikTok, we can download the videos and pics from multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In-Line with our history and browsing videos, SnapTik automatically suggests videos that you would like to download.



Please scroll along with the page to how to download the app and get TikTok Videos on your device.

How do I install SnapTik?

To use the app, you must download and install the app on your device. Download the app from this website.

I suggest you that, make sure that, download the app from trusted sources. One happy thing is that, SnapTik is available on Google Play Store. Go and get the app (or) click on above link to download the app.

Once you downloaded the app, install it accordingly.

Right after getting the app, it’s time to download the videos from TikTok.

Here’s the final snippet of this page.

How to Download Videos using SnapTik

Follow along with me to download the videos from TikTok.

SnapTik Home Page
Link is Exported
Video with Qualities


High Resolution

You're allowed to download high resolution videos with the help of SnapTik. Yes, it is one of the fantastic feature when compared to other applications. With this app, you can download videos of 2160p60, 1440p60, 1080p60, 780p.

Unlimited Downloads

Get Unlimited Downloads. Enjoy an unlimited number of downloads of TikTok , Instagram and Twitter videos. Some of the platforms have restrictions in downloading the videos. But using SnapTik, you can download as many as videos as you can.

Simple UI

SnapTik comes with very easy GUI, and enables everyone to operate it very smoothly. The navigation between the tabs is simple and easy to access.

Download Content without Watermark

As part of their publicity and monetization, many apps have their watermark on video. And sometime it is annoying. Isn't it? In the case of SnapTik, you won't get any watermark.


Yes, It is absolutely legit to use SnapTik unless you’re attempting to use videos for Commercial purposes.

By saying that, using SnapTik is legal and very safe. Please download the app from this page.

In general, we can not download Instagram videos and posts because of its copyright rules.

Don’t worry with the help of SnapTik, we could able to be download IG stories and videos.

The answers is NO. Yes, what you’re reading is right. Is surprising isn’t it? When you want to download any video from any app, you must get the app onto your device.

But in this case, to download TikTok/Twitter/Instagram videos you just need to have the downloading link. With the help of URL, we can download the content.

You can download and access the features of application for free. No need to pay single cent.