Project QT Mod APK v13.5 (Updated Version 2021)

Featured Image Project QT
NameProject QT Mod
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Size48 MB

Play a stunning and surprising game on your respective devices by using Project QT Mod APK. It is such a fantastic app that fulfils your gaming fantasies.

The whole entertainment world is running behind two things. One is Movies and the other is games.

It is shocking and you won’t believe, there’s a recent study that proclaims about 40% of the population playing the games.

And it’s not an exaggeration that, there is no age limit for the gamers. Starting from 10 years old kid to 50 years adult is attracted to the games. Thus, the gaming world has an exponential development.

If you’re a true admirer of action games, then you must try playing this game.

On this page, let me introduce you to one of the power-packed adventurous games that meet your gaming interests. We will be discussing in-depth about Project QT Mod application.

Project QT Mod APK

It’s a mod version for the famous Rogueware game that comes with the best action adventures and a brilliantly animated interface. Project QT Mod apk has unique features when compared to other action-adventure games.

Project QT Mod is totally activity specified game and you’ll experience splendid movements as the game progress.

What is about Project QT?

It has a splendid storyline that unfolds little by little. This game allows the player to create a spot and use all the advanced options. You will get puzzles in the game, by solving them you’ll get gems and more rewards.

Users can choose the players and they can make the best team of their preferences.

The motto of the game is to find the black hole. The team which found the black hole first is considered the winner of the game. To find that, you can create a group and divide the players into different groups and assign a commander for the team. If the commander will die, then another user will command the team.

You will have greatest advantage by looting the opponent. It is permissible that to unlock the best characters in opponent by defeating them.

This game allows you to unlock the premium features for free as the levels are increasing.

Let’s now see some features of Project QT Mod.


We have many features to be list out but here are some outstanding features.

Free:- This mod version is completely free and you can enjoy all the premium features and unlock the brilliant gaming experience.

Unlimited Reward:- You can earn unlimited coins, gems and characters to explore and play the game vividly.

Best UI:- Simple interface allow you to play the game easily. You can simply use the navigation keys and options to fight with the opponent team. Project QT Mod is very popular because of its design.

High Graphics:- Project QT Mod is well known for its terrible graphics. And also you can feel the quality games with adventurous effects.

Multi-Gaming:- It has a special feature where you can play two games simultaneously. You can fight with your opponents in an action-adventure game and solve the puzzles in another game.

Install the Project QT Mod APK

It’s basic and simple to download the application.

  • Download the application from the below link.
  • Give some time for the file to be download.
  • Go to the folder and install the file accordingly.
  • Once it is installed and explore the game.
  • That’s it.

Questions & Answers

Is it safe to use Mod APK?

Yes, it’s very safe to use. It will enhance the features of the application.

Where do I download Project QT Mod APK?

Don’t go for cracked websites, We have tested the app it’s very secure. Please download the app from the above link.

Is it an ad-free application?

Yes, it is an ad-free application. You’ll not get any ads in between. You can play hassle-free games.