Offroad Outlaws Mod APK 5.0.2 (New + Updated Version)

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I’m sure many of you have played racing games in your childhood. You remember it or not, we were fascinated by that games particularly. Download Offroad Outlaws and go back to your childhood again.

Though we have many games, racing games have a separate fan base.

On this page, let’s know about one peculiar gaming app that unfolds the adventurous gaming world.

Offroad Outlaws is a racing game application that lets you control the game in which way you want. You would get complete control over game build, set-up and drive. It gives many challenges and multiplayer options to explore the game along with your friends.

This is a free app for both iOS and Android platforms. As I mentioned earlier, Offroad Outlaws have different conceptions and subjects when compared to other games.

The game is built on a fantastic 3D graphics platform. Thus it has various different catchy tracks. The tracks will be Mud, Dirt, Rocks, and etc..,

To play the advanced game and unlock the premium features, you should get the Mod version of the app.

Offroad Outlaws Mod APK 5.0.2

This Mod version allows you to experience unlimited money and gold, the rush of racing across mountains, deserts and swamps and more with your dream vehicle.

Throughout the game, you will get to drive a massive variety of off-road vehicles including trucks, jeeps, dune buggies, monster trucks, 4 * 4 offline riders and sometimes you’ll even need to control the drones.

This game is an awesome experience of off-road power and excitement.

Since this is a mod app, we will dig into some features apart from the original version.

When you see it, no other game has a wide variety of off-road sports cars, including SUVs and vintage trucks. The vehicles can be upgraded to become more powerful and suitable for the different conditions.

App Overview

App NameOffroad Outlaws
Latest Version5.0.2
Updated OnJuly 24, 2021
OS RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
License Free
Size162 MB

Now we’re moving on to the different features of Offroad Outlaws Mod APK

Special Features

You can count many features of the application. But I’m segregating the best out of them.

1. Intense and Realistic Racing Gameplay

You can access special vehicles and explore the possibilities of racing in highly impossible places. For example, crossing many complex and tricky terrains with special vehicles.

In such cases, our gameplay should be intense and proactive.

2. Top-Notch Graphics and Visual Effects

As this game involves a lot of movements and racing, Graphics plays a crucial role in such type of gaming application. I’m pretty sure that, Offroad Outlaws Mod version has high-level graphics and you’ll not be disappointed while playing the game.

The visual effects of the application will surprise you. You’ll feel live racing when you’re traversing across the mountains and terrains. All the visual effects are perfectly designed and you should not feel bored when you’re playing the game.

3. New Map System(Make your own map)

As you’re levelling up the game, the roads will be much more difficult and you come across deserts, terrain, abandon areas and dangerous hill valleys and much more.

To avoid difficult roads, this game allows you to make your own map. It can be done by using Map editor.

You can make the plane road through hill valleys and thereby one can reach a safe point.

4. Play Multiple Modes

You can have adventurous gameplay by selecting different modes of the game. As mentioned above, there’s a new map system that allows you to choose a variety of maps.

In some cases, you’ll be bogged down in the mud and in some modes, you may get rocky areas and will require patience and must be master at slow speeds.

If you require practice, then go to stunt park and practice some flips and jumps.

5. Control & Multiplayer

You will have total control over your game design. Offroad Outlaws Mod allows you to build whatever you want. Change the configuration like rigidity, damping, travel, etc.., Get control over the steering wheel or arrow and tilt.

Explore the game along with your friends and other players. Start race your friends in the rocks, mountains and in the rivers.


Since we’ve talked about racing, I hope you all might have connected to this module. It’s evident that the MOD version will add the benchmark features to the original application. So download the app from this page and play your favourite game.