YouTube Vanced APK Download (17.03.38, 2022)

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App name YouTube Vanced
DeveloperTeam vanced
Size 63 MB
MOD Features– Background playback
– Ad blocked
– Dark theme
Updated 10 Aug 2022

To get the latest version of Youtube Vanced APK direct application which is v17.03.38, please check this page. Youtube Vanced is an upgraded, modified, secured premium version for free with all pro features.

The first and most obvious benefit of YouTube Vanced is that it has no ads. That’s right, you can watch your favorite videos without having to sit through annoying commercial breaks. Not only does this make for a better user experience, but it also saves you data because you’re not downloading ad content.

In addition to being ad-free, YouTube Vanced allows to background play of any videos . This is great for when you want to listen to a song or podcast but don’t want to keep your phone open.

If you select the pictute-in-picture feature, you can still watch that video even though you open other applications.

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Introduction about YouTube Vanced MOD Apk?

Ever since Google purchased YouTube in 2006, the platform has experienced incredible growth.

With over 1M+ active downloads and counting, it’s no wonder that it has reached all kinds of people from different categories.

While there are many options for video content creation and distribution, YouTube remains the largest and most popular site in the world. So what if there was a way to make YouTube even better? Thanks to the developers of the YouTube Vanced MOD apk, there is! This app unlocks premium features and allows you to customize your viewing experience like never before. Check out my breakdown of the latest version below.

Alternatives apps:

  1. Youtube
  2. Vidmate

How to install the YouTube Vanced Apk?

You can install YouTube Vanced MOD apk very easily. Follow these easy steps:

  • First of all, download the YouTube Vanced MOD apk file from the link above.
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  • Once you’ve downloaded it, go to your phone’s security settings and enable installation from unknown sources.
Unknown source . image
  • Now simply open the file and install it like any other app.
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  • Once it’s installed, launch YouTube Vanced and enjoy ad-free, buffered videos!

What are the features of the YouTube Vanced Apk?

YouTube Vanced has a number of features that make it better than the standard YouTube app.

Ad-free viewing

This is the major and most loved feature of YouTube Vanced. It let’s you watch all the Youtube videos with Ad-free service.

Background playback

As I said earlier, It doesn’t close the video when your minimize the Youtube window. Its background video player features makes it everything looks playable anytime, it helps for music listening, podcasts, and speeches even when you’re on Insta feeds.

Download videos

Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is that you can download videos for offline viewing. This is especially useful if you’re traveling and don’t have access to Wi-Fi or if you want to watch a video but don’t have time to sit through it all. Simply tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of any video and select the Download option.

Force HD mode (720p and 1080p)

YouTube Vanced also lets you force HD mode for all videos, which means you can watch them in 720p or 1080p resolution, depending on your preferences. To do this, open the app and go to Settings > General and select the desired resolution under Video Quality. Override max video resolution

Pinch to zoom enabled

Yes, you can pinch to zoom in on videos using the YouTube Vanced app. This is a great way to get a closer look at something you’re interested in or to see detail that you might have missed. To enable this feature, open the app and go to Settings > Video and check the box next to Pinch to Zoom.

What are the differences between YouTube Vanced and the original YouTube app?

The primary difference between YouTube Vanced and the regular YouTube app is that Vanced is ad-free. This means you can watch videos without interruption, making for a better user experience.

Additionally, Vanced offers several features that aren’t available in the regular app, such as the ability to change default playback quality and background playback. Finally, it’s worth noting that Vanced is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, whereas the regular YouTube app only supports devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

YouTube Vanced For PC?

To install YouTube Vanced on ldplayer, follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Ldplayer emulator from its official website.
  • Install it on your monitor and open it.
  • Now, download the YouTube Vanced apk file from here
  • Once downloaded the APK file, Just, right-click on that file and choose the option called “Open with LDPlayer”
  • The emulator will now install the app automatically. Now you can see the app icon from your home screen.
  • Now successfully download and install YouTube Vanced latest version on pc.

Pros and Cons


  • No ads
  • Saves data
  • Better user experience
  • Can use dark mode


  • It May is not available in all nations
  • Some videos may not be supported

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. How can I download YouTube Vanced?

ANS. You can download youtube vanced from the official or from third-party websites.

Q. Do I need to have the original YouTube app?

ANS. You do not need to have the original youtube app installed first, but you will need to have a compatible device.

Q. Which devices are compatible with YouTube Vanced?

ANS. Compatible devices for YouTube Vanced include Android 4.4 and up, as well as iOS 9.0 and up. It’s also worth noting that the app is not compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire devices.


If you’re looking for an ad-free YouTube experience, the Vanced MOD apk is a great option. It’s been tested and works with most popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Give it a try today.