PowerDirector MOD APK v10.3.0 Download

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App namePowerDirector MOD
PublisherCyberLink corp
genresVideo Players & Editors
Size113 MB
VersionLatest version v10.3.0
App infoMOD version
Unlock premium features
Updated03 Aug 2022

if you’re looking for the best video editing apps, PowerDirector MOD APK v 10.3.0 is definitely one of the best options.

Power Director is one of the newest video editing apps on Android. It’s packed with features and even comes with a built-in movie maker for creating your own videos from scratch. While the app is free to use, it does come with some restrictions. You can only export videos in standard definition and you’re limited to 30 minutes of footage per project.

With Power Director MOD APK, you can unlock these restrictions and enjoy the full features of the app. You’ll be able to export videos in full HD quality and there’s no limit on how much footage you can use. Plus, you’ll get access to premium features like video collages and slow-motion effects.

What is PowerDirector MOD APK premium?

Its simple controls and functions enable editors to create or edit videos in a professional way. It comes packed with features and effects that let you make Hollywood-style movies with your phone.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, PowerDirector is the video editor that’s right for you. It has everything you need to create great-looking videos, including effects, transitions, audio, and more. Plus, it’s easy to use, making it perfect for anyone from any video industry.

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How to download PowerDirector APK?

Following the steps by downloading Power Director…

  • Download the PowerDirector MOD APK file from Our website.
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  • Now open the downloaded file and install the application.
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  • Allow installation from an unknown source in your device settings if needed.
  • Go to settings: security restrictions > Unknown source.
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  • After installation is complete, open and Power Director MOD APK and enjoy!
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Features of PowerDirector MOD?

Here are the best features of Power Director MOD APK.

Adjust video speed

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You can adjust the video speed according to your need with Power Director MOD APK. e.g. you can make the video slower or faster as per your requirement.

apply chroma key

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A chroma key is a technique used in video editing to remove a certain color from the video footage. This is done by filming against a solid color background, usually blue or green. The software then uses this background footage to replace the area of the video that was filmed against it.

extract audio from video

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Power Director MOD APK also allows you to extract audio from video. This means you can get the audio of any video without any effort.

record a voice-over

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The best way to record a voice-over is to use a microphone. A good microphone will capture your voice clearly, without any background noise. You can either buy a microphone or use the one that comes with your computer. If you’re using a laptop, make sure the microphone is located close to your mouth.

Adjustment of brightness & contrast, saturation

adjustments of brightness contrast saturation. image

The Power Director MOD APK comes with a number of features that allow you to edit your videos in a better way. Some of the most amazing features of this mod apk are the adjustment of brightness & contrast, and saturation.

stickers & effects

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effects. image

Power Director MOD APK comes with a lot of stickers and effects which you can use to make your videos look more professional. This makes it easy for you to add subtitles or watermarks to your videos.

download music

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Yes, you can download music with Power Director MOD APK. In fact, there are a lot of options for finding royalty-free music that you can use in your videos. You can either search for royalty-free music on the internet or use one of the many libraries of stock music that are available online.

produce video

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With Power Director MOD APK, you can not only create videos but also produce them. This means you can edit and publish your videos with Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of features and effects
  • Ability to add voiceovers and text
  • Many built-in templates and themes


  • It can be difficult to create a montage or movie project from scratch
  • The file can be expensive

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How can I make a video with the PowerDirector mod apk?

ANS. Yes, you can make a video with power director MOD APK. Follow the amazing and simple steps:

1. Launch the app and select the “Video” option.

2. Tap on the “+” sign to add a new video project.

3. Give your project a name and select your desired aspect ratio.

Q. What are some of the features and effects available in the PowerDirector mod apk?

ANS. PowerDirector offers a wide range of features and effects to help you create the perfect video. Some of the features available include the Multitrack timeline: Which allows you to easily add, delete, and rearrange clips on your timeline.

Q. Can I add voiceovers and text to my videos with the PowerDirector mod apk?

ANS. Yes, you can add voiceovers and text to your videos with PowerDirector MOD APK. these are the simple steps:

1. Launch the app and select the “Video” option.

2. Tap on the “+” sign to add a new video project.

3. Give your project a name and select your desired aspect ratio.

4. Tap on the “Voiceover” icon and record your voiceover.

5. To add text, tap on the “Text” icon and type in your desired text.

Q. Can I share my videos with others?

ANS. Yes, you can share your videos with others by exporting them to social media or by sending them via email or messaging apps.

Final words

As we have seen, Power Director is a powerful and versatile video editing tool. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, there are features to suit your needs. In this tutorial, we have shown you how to create a simple video project from start to finish. We hope you found it helpful. If you have any doubts, ping in the comment session. we will solve that.