iEMU APK Download – iOS Emulator For Android

iEMU is the first production emulator to run iOS apps on Android-based mobiles and tablets. Download the iEMU APK file on this page and follow the instructions to install.

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What is iEMU APK?

There are many reasons why people would want to run iOS emulators on their Android phones. Ex-iPhone users may be trying to use their favorite iOS applications on their present Android devices. Geeks may want to use dedicated iOS apps on Android such as iMovie app, iMessage, FaceTime, Safari and more. In some cases, people can’t offer money to buy expensive iPhones but dream to experience iOS.

iEMU Emulator - iOS Emulator for ANdroid

iEMU iOS emulator came into the picture to rule the iOS on Android. This is one of the best mobile emulators in recent times. If you want to test the best emulators for Android then your destination will be iEMU. Because there are a lot of emulators available online but it is unique. TO know the complete features of this app go to the next section.


iEMU has got tons of amazing features and highlights to make your iOS experience on Android.

  • Design: Simple and clean user interface, Original App icons, themes, menu bar, gestures, wallpapers, etc. You’ll feel 100% iPhone GUI.
  • Apps & Games: Download the latest iOS apps and games from App Store to iEMU emulator, use them anytime. It looks the same performance as any other iPhone. All you need to create an Apple ID and password to use the App store.
  • Keyboard and touch-Screen input: For Mobile emulators, it is required to have full-screen mode because to feel the keyboard and Touch-Screen on different platforms accordingly.
  • Storage: It automatically creates a separate storage space for IEMU to save all app and user data like photos, files, apps, cache, cookies, media, and more.
  • No root: Your Android need not to root to run this app. It is just another app.
  • No Competition: YES!!! there is no iOS emulator for Android in the app market these days. You may hear about a few unuseful emulators such as Cider, Appetize,

Download iEMU APK – iOS Emulator Latest Version

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Size6.9 MB
Last UpdatedApril 20, 2020

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android OS: 4.2 or above
  • A minimum of 2GB RAM is required to run iEMU.
  • 2GB Hard Disk Storage.
  • 1 GB Graphics Card

Your system should meet the above requirements to work this app properly. If not, it won’t work at an optimum level.

How to install the app:

As I said above, iEMU is a third-party APK which we couldn’t find it on Play Store. So, better to follow-up on the steps below.

  1. Download the APK file using the above link or official website.
  2. Turn on the Unknown Sources from your Android Settings to allow other than play store apps.
  3. Open the downloaded iEMU.APK file to start to install.
  4. Install the app.
  5. Launch the iEMU.
  6. Great! you can start downloading your favorite iOS apps and enjoy using it.


Is iEMU safe to use?

If you download iEMU from the trusted sources then it is safe to use. Downloading from a suspicious website may harm your device with a malware attack.

Is it legal?

Yes! iEMU is legal to use because it purely an iOS emulator for Android but not a tweaked software. I recommend using a VPN or firewall to hide your identity.

How to use iEMU?

Before going into that, make sure your device should be installed with this emulator. Check out from the middle of this tutorial page.

  • Open iEMU and create an account using Apple ID and password.
  • Download your required apps and enjoy them.
  • Do not close iEMU while using apps or games on it.
  • Switch between Android and iOS by minimizing options.

How to reduce lag?

You need to add more resources such as extra RAM and storage.

Is iEMU for PC available?

Officially Not. But, you can still run using Bluestacks. I recommend you to use iOS emulators for PC such as iPadian.