Download ePSXe APK For Android – v2.0.11

Install ePSXe APK (Play Station emulator) and explore the games of by PS 4 & PS 1 games on your smartphone.

Well, we might have seen some amazing games on Play Station devices. There are hardcore fans for some specific games. Such as Fight For Your Friends, Big Swords-Bigger Food, Mansion Mystery, Colossal Classic, etc.

These are few names, the list is endless. As of today world absolutely depends on android handsets, Many of us might want to play our favorite games on smartphones. There the question comes, how one can play the games of Play Station on android devices??? To know the answer to that, you need to scroll down the page and find it out.

Here in this module, let me explain you the one interesting app. ePSXe is an outstanding Play Station emulator to play all the types of Play Station games on your mobile phone. It is something unusual right, will look into the details. Before going for the installation, let me brief you the exact definition and important features of this app.

Why ePSXe for Android?

ePSXe APK for android is Playstation Emulator(PSX and PSOne). In just a matter of a few seconds, you will able to able to play PS games on your android phones.

I strongly recommend you use this app particularly because of its cool features which drive me to write about ePSXe.

Specific Features

Simple UI: The reason behind the app popularity is of its User Interface. Developers made sure that it satisfies all the customer requirements and reaches to their demands. Even with or without technical knowledge one can easily use this application without any hiccups.

Best Compatibility: ePSXe has the greatest agreement towards all the brands of mobile phones. And also it guarantees that high-quality optimum sound and finest viewing experience for all the types of games.

Shared Screen Mode: This an awesome feature that no other apk gives, usually on Play Station we can play more than two persons at a time. And I can say this is the significant advantage of Play Station versions. But ePSXe provides a split-screen mode so that both players can play a game simultaneously by splitting the screen.

Best Quality Graphics: No matter, what type of android mobile you are using, the developer strives to provide the best quality graphics. The app comes with an awesome plugin called Peopsxgl by which you can never be compromised with what do you want!!!

Hardware Support: Some of you may be thinking like, as it delivers fantastic features whether it supports all the types of hardware for the favourite games??? The answer is YES, yes it can support various types of hardware ranging from Wiimote, Sixaxis, analogue sticks(Bluetooth Devices). Xperia Play(Phones with keypads and gamepad).

Thanks to the developers, we have the PC version of an app that gives some more features like cheat codes compatibility. That is to say, we can save the game at any point, so that will be getting full control over the game.

ePSXe File Info

Name of the AppePSXe
TypeAndriod Application
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 or Above
File Size605 KB
DeveloperePSXe Team
Updated OnAug 27, 2019

After knowing some fabulous features and file info about the app, it’s time for us to know how one can utilize the application. We’ll just get into the details…

Download and Install ePSXe APK on Android

  • You may find many cracked websites on the web, don’t go for them to download ePSXe. Here at apkbuilds, we have tested the application in different scenarios and bring to you fully secure and harmless ePSXe file.
  • Please tap on the link to download the apk.
  • After downloading the app, ensure to turn on the apps from unknown sources. In another word, Settings >>> Applications >>> Apps from Unknown Sources.
Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Install the application by following appropriate steps.
  • That’s it.


For those people who love to have play station games on their android devices, I personally suggest you install ePSXe application. It is such an apk, by which you can fulfil your dream of playing favourite games on your mobile phones. The fantastic features such as shared screen mode and hardware support will take this application to the next level. Still, if you have any doubts regarding the application, can reach us via comment box. You’re always welcomed with suggestions. Thanks for the support. 🙂 🙂 🙂