Config APK Download Latest Version

In this module, I’m going to explain about one fantastic application of android. I hope all of you know about android packages and their functionalities on mobile phones. The package refers to the set of programs embedded in a folder to give controlled access to the system. So let’s delve with the android package here, that is none other than config apk.

What is Config APK?

Config apk is an application present in android.autoinstalls.config package. With this, one can say it is related to installs or autoinstalls. It is an executable program that designed by android developers to perform the initial set up of the mobile phone. And also it can be used to install or uninstall of various apps. Developers include Google, Samsung, Vivo, HTC, Huawei and etc.., When we talk about the size of the application is 22kb only, which merely takes no space and won’t affect other programs in ROM perspective.

Download Mobile Config APK File 1.12

App Overview

Name of the Appconfig apk
TypeSystem file
File Size22 KB
Package Nameandroid.autoinstalls.config
UninstallOnly required if the file malicious


You may face the situation whre your phone behave suspicious and stops some apps from working. It’s obvious that you should check the phone for malicious apps. Here config apk come into picture,There are some speculations regarding this application that it drains the battery and slows down the phone. Just go through the complete article whether that was true or not.

Uninstall Config APK or NOT?

Before confirming the above question, you should check your phone has got any problems??? Sometimes, your phone behaves like suspicious and it acting weird. When you go through the apps, you may come across this config apk. As you’re not aware of the app and might go for uninstallation. But this is not the way one should treat. It may come from many ways like a malware infection. If it is so, scan the device with the best antivirus software. As Config apk is a part of OS, it won’t affect your phone.

Config apk is an executable and seems to be related to installs/autoinstalls. And I am sure it is a legitimate apk and will not affect the phone. However, if you want to avoid the apk, just disable it and don’t go for uninstallation. You can use the app again whenever you required.

Nevertheless, your phone is acting weird, it is because of malware. So, it is highly recommended that scan your device with Anti-Virus software to check whether some questionable apps installed. Try to avoid installing some random security apps from the app store and third party since you may end up with a non-working app or even malicious app.

Below, I’ve given some simple steps to quickly check for unwanted apps.

  • Switch off your mobile phone by pressing & holding the power button.
  • Now turn on the device and wait until the animation starts.
  • While animation running, press and hold volume up &
    down buttons simultaneously until the phone boots.
  • Right after phone fully boots, you’ll see a ‘safe mode’.

Final Verdict

By the end of this article, you can say config apk will not harm your device. This is a part of the OS and provides a platform for initial set up of the mobile phone. Still, if you have any uncertainty regarding the app. Please do comment below. I would love to help you out. All in all, config apk is not a removable app. If your device acting weird, scan it with the best anti-virus software.