Injured Gadgets Review – The Best Wholesale Parts Store for All Mobiles

Injured Gadgets Review: Get your cracked phone back to its original state by sourcing the broken parts from the Injured Gadgets

Does your mobile phone been broken or damaged due to some reason and it requires hardware replacement??? Or do you want the high-quality parts or accessories for your smartphone? Then, you’re at the right place to know where to buy the subsidiary parts for your broken phone.

On this page, We are going to review one of the best wholesale parts distributors for Android Phones, MacBook repair parts, tools, and accessories. That is Injured Gadgets.

Injured Gadgets

It is one of the technical giants in the cell phone parts distribution industry to supply repair kits, tools, and accessories. It sells you the best components to rebuild your cracked phone and make it good as new. IG offers you high-quality repair parts for the lowest possible prices. What not, you will get a variety of inventories from Injured Gadgets ranging from iPhone series to various mobile phones including Motorola.

I am going to review the Injured Gadgets on the basis of different factors that will calibrate how good IG is…


The service offered by the Injured Gadgets is outstanding and phenomenal. I personally loved it. Many customers expressed the utmost satisfaction with their service delivery.

Prices & Offers

The prices are very reasonable. You will get the parts with the lowest prices that start at 0.5$. When we compared with other stores, Injured Gadgets offers you the cheapest prices. While purchasing any item from the store, you will get cashback too. And there is a discount on specific brands as well.

Large Collection of Gadgets

There is no question about the scarcity of parts, you will find each and every item in the store, ranging from the small tool kit to high-end material.

Lifetime Warranty & Exchange

Unlike other stores, it provides a lifetime warranty for the products. As long as you’re the customer of Injured Gadgets, the warranty will not void. In the case of Exchange, if a part ever fails you can return it for a lifetime. Like I cited above, Lifetime warranty and exchange are valid only if you’re a trusted customer of IG.

Repair Kits

IG collaborated with topmost tool manufacturers to provide a comprehensive set of tools that will assist you in repairing the damaged phones. You will get every tool ranging from red tape for your iPhone and iPod repairs to pre-cut black tape on your LG and Samsung smartphones.

Home Appliances

Injured Gadgets newly entered into the Home Appliances. It offers all the components related to security, lighting, power, door locks, Thermostats. With all these products, you can make a better Smart home.

  • If you have a problem with motherboard parts, those parts also available in Injured Gadgets. It sources all the popular motherboard components.
  • We will also get the components for Gaming consoles as well. You can discover the parts for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo.
  • A wide range of accessories available in this store. Such as Chargers, Cables, Adaptors, Power Banks, USB, etc..,
  • Under the INSURANCE section, you will find the gadgets which cover the insurance if it is cracked/damaged.

Final Verdict

Most of the customers feel good about Injured Gadgets and their services. I am personally happy with the parts & services that I got. I wanted the best parts that can fit into my broken phone with no other side effects. It provides me with all that I want. If you have a cracked phone/material, why are you waiting for? visit Injured Gadgets store and repair your phone with the best parts.

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