Zinitevi APK v1.4.1 Download Latest Version (Original + No Ads)

File Size18.58MB
Min. RequiresFrom Android 5.0

Zinitevi is an Android app that allows users to watch or download HD streams at no cost. This application comes with a massive database of millions of movies, including the latest tv shows and anime.

Zinitevi also provides information about each video, such as movie details, teasers, trailers, ratings, and posters.

The app has been designed to be user-friendly which means it’s easy to find a specific title or series you are looking for by searching their name in the search bar.

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About Zinitevi?

Zinitevi is a new streaming platform that offers thousands of the latest movies for android-based devices. It belongs to the most popular apps based on the entertainment industry today, with over 2 million downloads on app stores. This platform can be used for both online streaming and offline viewing.

The app comes with a very intuitive layout, though loading a stream is somewhat more complicated than usual. But once you’re able to download the content, this should not be a concern anymore. The platform can also handle subtitles which makes it even more convenient for users.

How is Zinitevi different from other similar apps?

Zinitevi comes with its own unique design that makes navigation very easy. With this app, there are just a few basic steps to watch or download movies, which won’t require much time.

It can be used both for free and premium services. The app even offers the latest series in HD quality, so users won’t have to look too far to find what they are looking for. What makes Zinitevi more interesting is the fact that it can be used to watch anime videos from top channels.

Nowadays, Zinitevi has become a top service in the market today. It comes with a very convenient design and easy-to-navigate layout which makes it very enticing for consumers.


Unlimited Video Content: Watch or download any movie with great quality. This application provides you with an extensive database of popular anime, TV shows, and the latest movies that are trending around the world.

Downloading: The offline mode saves your data plan as it allows you to download movies directly on your phone. You can also use the “Download” to save movies onto your SD card if required.

Well-organized genres: Zinitevi APK has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate through all categories both online and offline.

Simple GUI: The design is very user-friendly meaning finding the exact movie you want by searching its name is quick and easy! It’s like having access to anything that’s ever been released in the history entertainment all in one place.

One-click button for Subtitles: This app supports subtitles in many different languages such as English, Korean, Spanish, and Arabic.

Zinitevi Vs AstonCine (Comparison)

Zinitevi and Astoncine are both video streaming applications, but they differ in a few ways. It is easier to use and has a more user-friendly design. It also offers subtitles in many different languages. Astoncine, on the other hand, is better for downloading videos. It also comes with a built-in torrent client.

The main difference between these two applications is the fact that Astoncine works exclusively on Android. So people who want to use it for iOS devices will have to look somewhere else. Zinitevi instead has a wide variety of users because it works on both Android and iOS.


How do I watch movies offline?

Step 1: Download the movies that you want to watch offline and save it onto your phone either by using an external storage or download function.

Step 2: Open the app and go to the downloaded section, choose a movie and press play.

How do I search for anime?

This application has a massive database of anime titles so finding what you’re looking for should be easy! Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to the homepage and type in any word you like; such as “Naruto” or “Attack on Titan”. As soon as you entered the name, all possible results will appear at once. Select one and then press enter. The app will redirect you to the actual content.

Can I download Zinitevi for PC?

You cannot download Zinitevi onto your PC as it is only for Android devices. But you can always use an emulator such as bluestacks if you want to access this application from your computer! You can download that here: https://www.bluestacks.com/

Is Zinitevi legal, secure, and safe?

Yes, the app is completely legal and safe to download. Since you won’t require any additional account nor registration, it allows anyone to use this streaming platform to watch or download movies for free.

Does the app come with any viruses or malware?

No, this application does not come with any viruses or malware. It’s been designed with a very intuitive layout that makes it easy for anyone to use Zinitevi without having to worry about any safety issues.

Does the app require any form of payment?

Zinitevi is a completely free application to download and use. It does not require any form of payment and users can watch or download movies for free!

Final Words

Zinitevi APK is the easiest way to discover great new anime, TV shows, and movies. It is 100% free and available for Android users worldwide. Whether you’re looking to kill time by watching a brand new movie or catching up with your favorite show, Zinitevi APK has got it all. You can access this application from any device including smartphones, tablets or even from your computer at https://zinitevi.github.io/movieapps/.